How to get Cat Urine Smell Out of a Carpet

How to get Cat Urine Smell Out of a Carpet

Those are pets who turn our houses and apartments into true homes. They fill our hearts with love and our lives with joy. But unfortunately, they may also fill our houses with some nasty odors.

Living in Fremont and Livermore, CA, you can always address our professional carpet cleaning services and make sure that your carpets are good as new again and the air in your house is fresh and healthy. But every pet owner knows that “accidents” may happen pretty often, and fairly there is no point in calling for professional carpet cleaning services after every tiny puddle.

In this article, we shall provide the ultimate owners` guide to getting rid of cat urine smell and talk about the most efficient 

ways to prevent the consequences of your kitty`s accidents in the future.

Why is it Hard to Get Rid of “Cat Odor”?

The notorious “cat odour.” It is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about arguments against getting a pet, the eternal topic for jokes about cat owners, and probably one of the reasons it might have been so hard for you to find a place to rent in Fremont and Livermore.

No matter how much you love animals and especially cats, just one thought about this horrible smell stuck in your carpets, furniture, and clothes may make you think twice before getting a furry friend or renting to a cat owner.

Even professional carpet cleaners would tell you that the smell and consequences of cat urine might be the hardest to get rid of. Especially if the stain has been ignored for too long.

But what makes the smell of cat pee so strong? The answer lies in the very nature of these graceful and adorable pets. Unlike dogs, which became primarily domesticated throughout history and entirely adjusted to living inside people`s houses, cats managed to preserve most of their original instincts and traits meant to help them survive in the wild.

Marking territory and communicating through those marks with brethren and other animals is one of these things. Cat urine contains Uric Acid – a potent chemical that is extremely hard to remove or cover. The only way to get rid of the “cat odour” is to destroy the traces of Uric Acid entirely.

How NOT to get “Kittie Smell” Out of Your Carpet and Why

You may find lots of DIY tips on removing the smell of cat pee from your carpet using baking soda, vinegar, soap, and hydrogen peroxide. Most of them seem pretty logical and even efficient. But every cat owner knows that on the very first particularly humid day or if someone pours water on the previously-cleaned carpet, the smell will “miraculously” come back even if it was gone for several weeks or even months.

It happens because baking soda, vinegar, soap, and hydrogen peroxide cause a chemical reaction that destroys the molecular structure of Uric Acid but doesn`t remove their traces entirely. At the same time, moisture reverses the chemical reaction making the acid recrystallize, and the odor returns with a vengeance.

How to Properly Clean Your Carpet from Cat Urine.

In fact, there is no difference whether we are talking about a “fresh” puddle or a carpet with old dried-out kitty “accidents” you may have found in your grandma`s attic. 

The only difference is that if you don`t start cleaning the puddle right away and let the urine soak in, it may lead to severe damage to the carpet as well as the floor or furniture that touches it.

However, the only thing that can really destroy the traces of Uric Acid and prevent it from recrystallization are enzyme cleaners. Those products use biological methods to break down the traces of any organic waste, including Uric Acid. In other words, enzymes encourage non-pathogenic bacteria to process Uric Acid molecules and prevent them from getting back together.

Here is the best way to clean your carpet from can pee:

  • Use a towel to absorb as much urine from a fresh puddle as possible (taking about an old stain, you can, of course, skip this step);
  • Apply baking soda, vinegar, soap, or hydrogen peroxide to neutralize Uric Acid and let the puddle dry out as fast as possible;
  • Apply an enzyme cleaner on the area to prevent the traces of cat urine from recrystallization and the smell from coming back;
  • Open the windows for free natural airflow and let the stain dry naturally.

After cleaning the stain, it is essential to address the initial problem, aka the reason your kitty might have made a puddle on the carpet. The reasons may vary from your cat simply being too young and not entirely toilet trained to some health and behaviour issues that may require professionals` attention.

You should also remember that baking soda, vinegar, soap, and hydrogen peroxide, the traditional cleaning remedies, can be aggressive towards some carpet fibres and furniture and flooring materials. It is always best to consult a professional before using any DIY method.

To make sure that your carpets and rugs stay clean, maintained properly according to their fibre structure and materials, and handled with care and respect, contact M&R Premium Carpet Care in Fremont and Livermore. Here you will find a team of professionals who will be happy to answer all your questions, provide a wide range of carpet cleaning and maintenance services and help you prevent the value as well as sanitary cleanliness of your carpets, the atmosphere, and the air of your house.