How long will my carpet last? 5 Tips to Increase the Life of Your Carpet

How long will my carpet last? 5 Tips to Increase the Life of Your Carpet

In fact, it is really hard to tell how long a carpet may last. Except for the quality of your carpet and its materials, there are lots of different factors that will influence its lifespan.

A rag that you have in your bedroom will definitely last longer than the same quality carpet placed in a hotel room. Of course, usage frequency is not the only factor that matters. 

Your local climate may also affect how long you will be able to enjoy your new carpet. For example, a carpet in Fremont, CA, may have an absolutely different lifespan than his twin brother used in Montana due to different temperatures, humidity, and type of footwear it will have to deal with.

The variety of materials used for modern carpet manufacture, a wide range of products for their cleaning and maintenance, as well as many other factors, lead to the fact that a rag you buy today may last anywhere from 5 to 15 years.

Instead of assuming how long your carpet will last, let`s talk about the signs that you need to replace it and ways to help it live longer.

When do I Need to Replace My Carpet?

The signs that you may need to replace the carpet are not always obvious. That is why it is essential to address professional carpet cleaning services from time to time. An expert will notice signs of deterioration that may not look serious to you but can lead to severe problems in the future.

The most common symptoms of your carpet`s soon end are:

  • Bad smell – if an unpleasant odour won`t go away even after cleaning, it may mean that the problem lies beneath visible stains and dirt. The damage may have developed on the padding or the floor itself. Some smells also indicate the development of mold and fungus, which can be dangerous for your health;
  • Visible damage and permanent stains – stubborn stains from water damage or pets, burns, and cuts often lead to more severe problems. Without proper treatment, they may accumulate more dirt and become incubators for mold, fungus, and bacteria;
  • Sudden or increased allergy symptoms – if the carpet does not get professional maintenance, it will accumulate dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens that simply cannot be removed by a regular home vacuum cleaner.

5 Ways to Increase Your Carpet`s Life.

#1 – Clean Carpets Regularly

Vacuuming your carpets regularly and cleaning stains right after you notice them will prevent dirt and dust from building up and leading to such “fatal” consequences as mold and permanent damage to the floors.

#2 – Get a Doormat

Even if people won`t start wiping their feet thoroughly before entering your house when they see a doormat (although they probably will), its rough material helps to remove a great deal of dust and dirt from their shoes, preventing damage to your indoor carpet.

#3 – Avoid Wearing Outdoor Shoes at Home

Most of the dirt, dust, and allergens that will settle in your carpets are brought with your outdoor shoes. 

Leaving street shoes at the door and changing to home footwear will make routine carpet maintenance much easier and expand their lifespan.

#4 – Move the Carpet or Rearrange the Furniture

You may have noticed that certain stains and dirt appear in the same places on your carpet. Mowing your carpet or turning it around once in a while will help to redirect foot traffic and ease the burden on certain areas. 

If you cannot move the carpet itself, try to sometimes rearrange the furniture in a room for the same effect. By the way, except for boosting the lifespan of your floor covering, it has a positive psychological effect.

#5 – Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The best way to ensure that your carpet will last longer and stay safe is to address professional cleaning services from time to time. 

Here at M&R Premium Carpet Care, we use advanced products and cleaning techniques that deal with damage and contaminations inaccessible for household chemicals and vacuum cleaners. Moreover, our experts ensure that the cleaning process itself does not harm your carpet and provide maintenance tips to help you increase its lifespan.

Carpet maintenance aims to keep it clean and good-looking until you want to replace the rags, rather than turning floor covering into a money pit.

Following these simple rules, you will enjoy your carper longer and avoid unpleasant surprises and even health hazards a dirty carpet may bring.