Differences Between Green Cleaning Products and Regular Cleaners

Cleanliness in homes and other private environments is a necessity and must be duly ensured. However, in the process of seeking cleaning solutions, different products have been identified as cleaners. These products are classified into two different categories – the regular cleaners (that contain chemicals) and the green cleaners (without chemicals). It is not uncommon to find people who are unable to distinguish between these two types of cleaners. Hence, the much-needed explanation of the difference hereafter.
One of the immediate effects observed whenever the conventional cleaning solutions are used is the distortion in the quality of indoor air. While some of these solutions might deceive you with the fragrances and flavors added during manufacturing, the volatile organic compounds they contain can lead to a range of health problems like liver damage and central nervous system issues. Green cleaners are however natural and do not do any serious damage to the quality of indoor air.
Every time one reads the labels on the regular cleaning products used at home; you are certain to find certain words that portray possible danger if they’re handled wrongly. Some are flammable, others are toxic. These products aren’t the best to use especially in an environment where kids and pets are present. As opposed to green cleaners, these regular cleaning solutions contain chemicals e.g. chlorine and ammonia which can be gravely toxic when they come in contact with vulnerable kids or pets. As a result, extreme caution is needed when dealing with these products. This has, over the years, led to cleaning supplies being one of the most common causes of poison emergencies.
Green cleaners when used are known to be friendly on the skin and largely without side effects from contact. Unlike green cleaners, conventional cleaning solutions have been long known to cause unpleasant reactions like sneezing, skin rashes, skin irritation or inflammation and many more due to their toxic nature. In extreme cases, some of the chemicals found in these solutions may be carcinogenic.
Speaking of environmental effects, most green cleaning solutions are made of natural, biodegradable ingredients that do not bear adverse effects when released to the environment. They simply integrate into the environment and naturally get broken down. On the other hand, the regular cleaning products are made up of a wide range of ingredients that are toxic, hazardous and non-biodegradable and as such, they lead to serious consequences when released to the environment through airborne or waterborne channels.